Frequently Asked Questions

Who can drive the cars?+
How far are you from Malpensa T1 and T2?+
Are the cars insured against theft and fire?+
Is it possible to get a fully comprehensive insurance?+
Is smoking in the cars allowed?+
Can you bring your cars to my hotel?+
Can I leave my car at your location while I am renting your car?+
Can I drive your cars abroad?+
Will you reimburse the remaining rental days if the car breaks down?+
If the car I rented breaks down, will you be able to bring me another car?+
How many km per day are included in the rental cost?+
What happens if return the car late and the return point is closed?+
Do the cars have any GPS tracking system installed?+
Do you offer the rental service with a driver?+
Can you pick me up at the airport?+